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Reviews for Lisa Power

If you want to look and feel special Lisa Power Salon is the place to go. Lisa is The Best at coloring hair. The positive compliments keep coming from my coworkers and friends. During my appointment I feel like I am listened to and validated with great customer service. My hair looks like a million bucks after Lisa is finished. I look forward to every appointment.


- Elizabeth Loiselle


So like most woman I'm very protective of my hair. I hadn't done anything with it in over a year and wanted a change. I have fairly long brown, straight, thick hair that goes to about the middle of my back. I usually cut it when I want a change but usually regret it. So this time I decided to change the color. I decided I wanted to go red, and thats a pretty drastic change for me. I wasn't about to let just anyone do it either so I spent days reading reviews and scouring the city to find a salon and thats how I found Lisa Power salon. She had fantastic reviews and everyone said thats the place to go if your going red. So I emailed them with what I wanted to do and the same day received an“She also offered me great tips to use to keep my color vibrant and they totally work! When my hair was finished and dried it looked AMAZING!!” email from Lisa herself, already impressed. So I told her my situation and got an appt set. Since I decided I wanted Lisa to do it since she has the most experience It was a few weeks out, which was fine since I was still getting used to the idea. But got in that same week for a consultation about what we were doing. I emailed Lisa multiple times over those weeks with concerns and questions and she always promptly responded and never got annoyed with me and all my question.


When I got to my appt I was immediately offered a beverage while I waited, which wasn't very long. When I was called over Lisa first went over my emails and what I wanted to do first, to make sure that was what I wanted. She offered her own advice to help me make decisions, even what would work with my skin tones, she really knows her stuff!! Once we decided on color she asked if I wanted to go permanent or semi-permanent because she prefers to use the one thats the most gentle on your hair. So I decided to go semi-permanent. The experience was awesome!! Everyone talks to everyone and the conversations just flow. It didn't even take as long as I originally thought. She also offered me great tips to use to keep my color vibrant and they totally work! When my hair was finished and dried it look AMAZING!! Better then I originally hoped. Even the other customers started complimenting it right away! And to top it off when I was all done I was offered a free make-up consultation and got my make-up done for free by a make-up artist!! Too cool! On the walk home I got 2 cat calls and someone straight up telling me I had beautiful hair. Cant beat that confirmation that it looked awesome.


Its been about 4 weeks and the color is still holding great! The tips Lisa gave me have been working wonders. I have an appt set up next week for a touch up for my roots and I cant wait.


I get compliments on my hair a lot now and I tell them go to Lisa Power salon!! No matter what kind of hair you have or want they will hook you up!! I couldn’t imagine leaving there unsatisfied.


~ Chelsea D.



Women With Curly Hair Unite! Run - do not walk - to Lisa Power Salon!


By now, we know that only a highly skilled ARTIST can create the style that amplifies the beauty of our locks - and does not try to mask the fabulous gorgeousness!


I arrived at my first appointment with Lisa with color-damaged, ill-shaped mess of a “do”. Lisa, so gently, evaluated the options and suggested a personalized “recovery” program we could undertake over the next few appointments. Within a couple of hours, I had an elegant hair color (found in nature!), a stunning new style, and thanks to Lisa – I got my mojo back!


During my first visit, I also noticed Lisa’s genuine commitment to the professional development of her colleagues and support of wonderful new products developed by other professionals that she has worked with in the past. She is a consummate professional who inspires all around her to be the best they can be – colleagues and clients!


Lisa and her colleagues are amazing…..and she has made me feel that same way, too!


Thank you, Lisa!


~ Denise P.


Totally beautiful hair and super-friendly staff. Lisa took extra time to color-correct my dark hair fiasco and bring it back to a gorgeous, flattering red. Red hair is notoriously hard to maintain and she gave me a ton of tips and help to keep it looking lovely. I am usually pretty quiet when getting my hair done, but Lisa is extremely personable and makes you comfortable right away. She also has a "no nonsense" approach to hair which I really appreciate. I am sure she'd be great with any color, but if you want to go red - definitely go here. I am a convert for sure.

~ Erin J.



I love getting my hair cut and colored by Lisa. She always keeps my hair style fresh and has great suggestions for me. I swear I look and feel 10 years younger after she works her magic!

~ LynneK



My first time here on the recommendation of a friend at it was splendid! I love my new cut and color. Lisa did an amazing job, and she introduced me around to some fellow foodies. It was a great day at the salon. I'm coming back!

~ julie l.



Love Lisa Power and the Lisa Power Salon! I have been seeing Lisa for years. She and her staff are talented, creative and truly care about all their clients. I get compliments daily on my hair thanks to Lisa's amazing cut and color skills. I would never consider anyone else when I already have the best in Lisa Power!

~Marcela K.


Love Lisa Power salon! Lisa is a wizard with hair - color, styling, you name it. She will help you keep your hair beautiful. And if you are looking for a change of image, update or something more drastic - there is no one else I would go to. The whole team is awesome!

~ lenasaba



Lisa Power-So Much Fun! – I have been a client of Lisa's for about 15 years and I just love her and her work. I am so excited that she has her own salon now. The new digs are adorable and the staff is truly amazing. Her new salon is such a reflection of Lisa's personality, beauty, and incredible talent. I cant begin to tell you how much I look forward to getting my hair done every time. You must check it out. Lisa is great at what she does, and her and the crew have so much fun doing it. Lisa thanks for making me feel magnificent.

~ aloscher



Worth the drive, parking, BEST in WA – Lisa is the best, yes it's true. If you have a problem, she can fix it. If you just want a great color, she's your man, your mamma, your girl. Call her, really. Hurry!

~ busyladies




Reviews for Lilliam Villa

Wonderful haircut from Lilliam - took the time to thoughtfully discuss what I wanted, cut it as determined, and showed me the best ways to use product for the desired effect. Really nice person, too! Thanks, Lilliam!

- Madelyn T Hart


I love this salon!!!!! Let me get right to my hair.... Lilliam is the best. I always wore my hair long ,wavy, and over processed .... not anymore. I have a cute, edgy and sexy haircut with beautiful color too. Lilliam looks at my pics, listens to my wants and doesn't cut my hair short unless I ask for it.


Can I Add....the front desk

And kristin is the best and I love that they serve delicious latte's and have amazing customer service



—Beth S.


Happily, I found Lilliam at LP Salon a few months back when we moved to Seattle. Finding new "people" stresses me greatly, but I'm happy to say I'll be scheduling cuts & colors with Lilliam for the foreseeable future. Staff at LP are fun & positive, giving wonderful energy as you enter. Lilliam is truly an artist & teacher. She gave me a cut & color that prompts many compliments. Her engaging personality made me comfortable right away, & she's great about teaching me little tricks for styling my hair almost as well as she does. Lilliam has a great sense of humor, & she gives a killer scalp massage. The salon is easy to find with free parking across the street. You won't go wrong here.

~ d h.



I love having my hair cut, colored, and styled by Lilliam. She really cares about my hair and she cares about me. At 51, I am enjoying my hair for the first time in many years. Thank you Lilliam, for taking care of me!

~ Kari C.

“I am hooked on Lilliam. Every time she's done my hair— color, style, or Brazilian blowout— I leave the salon feeling beautiful. She takes her time. She understands hair. Almost like a dance. And she's wonderful. A very enthusiastic recommendation.”
~ susan h.

I recently started seeing Lilliam @ Lisa Power Salon and I am the happiest girl in town. My hair is fine and curly and it tends to get frizzy. I have tried every curly hair product on the planet and up until now I was always frustrated and plagued with bad hair days.

I am over 50 and fighting gray hair as well so I need color services too. We decided to try going a little lighter with contrasting foils to give my curls more dimension. It would also help blend the grow out so I could go a little longer between color touch ups.

What really brought everything together was the haircut she gave me, "Best Haircut Ever" Lilliam has the same fine curly hair that I do and she understood how to layer it and what products to use. I have beautiful defined curls now and every day is a good hair day.

This salon is full of friendly, talented people. There is tons of happy energy and conversation.

Thank you Lilliam for making me feel pretty.


~ Annette D.


I recently visited Lisa Power Salon for my first ever, professional hair color. I was a bit nervous having never put my curly, dry hair through a treatment like that. Before I even arrived at my visit, Lisa took the time to speak sincerely with me on the phone about my concerns, giving me good counsel about possible options. When I arrived at the salon, the salonist, Lilliam Villa, took my case continuing to offer service at the high standards set by Lisa on the phone. Lilliam was great, taking the time to talk with me and analyze my situation before making her recommendations. By doing this, her counsel was genuinely specific to me and not a memorized standard. In the end, I walked away with beautiful hair color that didn't required harsh chemicals like ammonia to achieve. I will definitely be going back to Lisa Power Salon and asking for Lilliam again.

~ Holly E.



I feel so lucky to have found the Lisa Power Salon and especially LILLIAM. She gave me a fabulous haircut and beautiful hair color. She was very attentive and really focused on my hair situation. She made many recommendations, showed me the best products and shared tips for making my hair manageable. Everyone there really knows what they're doing and they all strive to make you look great. Thank you Lilliam and Lisa Power Salon.

~ Annie S.


I went in a couple of weeks ago just for a trim and I am now in love with my stylist, Lilliam Villa! I highly recommend her--I am going back in a couple of weeks to get some coloring done. She asked me about my hair routine and styling preferences and then recommended a cut/style that would make it easier for me to style and I really like it! Overall, a great experience at the salon!^p

I'm so happy you found Lilliam. She is such a wonderful person and equally great stylist. You will love your color as much as your haircut! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We really appreciate it!!!!

~ Mariana P.



Treated to amazing pampering in the process of receiving one of the most remarkable haircuts ever, I highly recommend Lilliam Villa and Lisa Power Salon. I have received many complements. My husband loved my haircut, including the purple accent (which he didn't know would wash out.) Fascinating! Thanks for that fun Lilliam!!!


Lisa has created a delightful and personal experience for her customers. I felt, after leaving, like I had been to the spa & received a great massage. Yum!!


I live in Kirkland, but so very worth the journey! Thanks Crew!!!

~ Suzanne B.






Reviews for Marie Byrne

I got a haircut from Marie and it is amazing! She was amazing at detail and precision and did a straight razor angled bob. The service was awesome and the scalp massage with the shampoo made my day. Definitely coming back for my next cut.


—Celia Marie



Marie gave me the most amazing Brazilian blowout today!! She is very detail oriented and treats you and your hair with the utmost care. Spectacular service.

—Candace Sibal



This salon is amazing. I am new to Seattle and needed a new place. They are personal and friendly. It's an intimate experience! Lisa, the owner, is so friendly with everyone. She checks in on you and is always helping her staff. So down to earth.


I had a botched balayage that was more of bright bright blonde ombré that had become brassy, yellow, and orange. Lisa and Marie sat with me they walked me through my options, made sure I was positive about what I wanted. Marie made my hair a beautiful dark dark brown with mahogany tones. Deep conditioned my ruined ends. Gave me my confidence back! They are amazing and friendly and so professional. I found my new salon!

—Katie R.



After my stylist of over 10 years moved away from Seattle, my girlfriend recommended her stylist Marie. She's been outstanding from the get go! We've tried a couple of different hairstyles that have all looked great. Like most men, I don't know a lot of the finer mechanics when it comes to asking for a new style or how to maintain it. Marie has continually made it a great experience! She has great skills with the straight razor, blending my side burns into my beard too! Marie was great at suggesting some really easy ways to style my hair at home with different products. The salon actually carries plenty of products specific for men so I was able to get the cut, style tips and product I wanted in one shot. Thanks Marie!

— Rob M.


Marie gave me the most amazing Brazilian blowout today!! She is very detail oriented and treats you and your hair with the utmost care. Spectacular service.

—Candace Sibal



I got a haircut from Marie and it is amazing! She was amazing at detail and precision and did a straight razor angled bob. The service was awesome and the scalp massage with the shampoo made my day. Defiantely coming back for my next cut.

—Celia Marie


I had never dyed my hair before and I went to Marie for a balayage.  She was able to lighten up my hair and I left with a beautiful pink balayage.  She was extremely welcoming and answered all my questions.  She did a great job of blending the balayage.  The salon is very relaxed with a cool atmosphere.  Great little gem in Queen Anne.

—Chloe Choi


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